#ASA a few #Giveaways and Info on my Next Book

So … it’s been a little over a month now since I released Ricochet, and before I get into anything else, let me start by saying that I’m gifting a paperback copy over here. All you have to do, to enter, is answer one of the questions that I answered in the interview.

In the time that I’ve released Ricochet …. boy have I learned a lot. But don’t worry. I don’t do profound all that well, so this posts isn’t going to be filled with all these introspective thoughts about the world or myself or anything like that.

The one thing I will say, though, is that it’s always a big eye opener to see those who are supportive and those who aren’t.

Which brings me to:  #ASA—Authors supporting Authors. A giveaway being hosted by Debra (The Book Enthusiast) and up and coming author Allyn Lesley.

An insane amount of authors came together (I think about 100 or so) to help spread the word about each other by donating to what turned out to be a few great giveaways! Up for grabs are swag, ebooks, giftcards, paperbacks and more.

Here are the links to the giveaways. Good luck!

Giveaway #1:a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway #2: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway #3: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway #4: a Rafflecopter giveaway


Next on the agenda is to drop a few hints about my next book!!!

I talk about it mostly on the first giveaway I mentioned above, but here is the link again. Click Here. 

To reiterate just a little bit, here is one of the questions I answered for the interview I did over at RNIC. Where I’m giving away a paperback copy of Ricochet. *wink* that’s now the third not so subtle hint I’ve dropped that I want you to stop on over there! 

I digress.

Back to my next book.

–> What can readers expect from you next?

Well … the working title of my next release is titled HIGH STAKES. The long story short of it is it’s about a woman who falls in love with what else? A bad boy. Though he’s not the bad guy per se, he’s also not that much of a good guy, either. He’s into everything shady, makes no apologies about it, and has no intention of changing that. He’s driven by greed and fear, and wants it all at whatever costs. He’s also not afraid to love or be loved—he’s just not willing to give up his lifestyle for it. It’s up to her to decide if she can handle him as is.

My favorite quote from it so far is:“When all was said and done he was nothing but a con-artist, and I was just another beautiful fool who fell for his lies.”


I’m shooting for release in early 2015. That sound like a lot, but it’s about 4 months away. With rewrites and edits and revisions … you know how long that stuff takes. 

For now HIGH STAKES, is the first in a two book series. Unless my characters decide otherwise. In which case you’ll be the second to know 😉 

One last thing!!! 

Well, two last things.

1.) If you’ve had to chance to read Ricochet. Good, bad or indifferent, don’t forget that reviews are what help us indies get the word out. If you’d be so inclined, I’d really appreciate it. 🙂 

2.) I got me one of those newsletters! I don’t have anything planned to send out yet. But I’ll guarantee not to share your info with anyone, that I won’t bombard you with spam, and that subscribers will get first looks at upcoming releases as well as exclusive content and giveaways. If you’d like, sign up here

That about wraps it up for today! Have a good one! :-*

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