Ricochet Cover Reveal and Giveaway

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally HEEERRRREEE!!! (can you tell I’m excited? LOL)

I’ve been wanting to share this cover with you all for what feels like forever, and I’m so glad I’m able to finally do that today.

RICOCHET, come hell or high water, will be released in July 2014. With possible spin-offs coming in 2015.

Below, I’m sharing a teaser, the blurb, as well as the Goodreads link for anyone who would like to add it to their shelves.

Don’t forget the GIVEAWAY! 3 – $10 Amazon Gift Cards are up for grabs!



“The Rebound Effect” states that in order to get over your ex, you have to get under someone else. At least, that’s what Miles Bedford’s best friend keeps telling him.

So when he’s suddenly ricocheted back into the single life, Miles has one thing in mind. The plan is simple, and his intentions are clear. He’s not looking for love. But sometimes all it takes it one person, and one weekend, to change everything.


And we were quiet again because I realized what I just said. We were going to my house.

The silence and my thoughts of what bringing Noelle home symbolized lasted our whole ride; only ending when we got inside my place and I offered her something to drink.

I leaned back against the counter, resting my head against the cabinet above. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath. My heart slammed in my chest—this was momentous. The importance of having Noelle in my house, in my kitchen, drinking from glasses I had to buy after my ex left me, and took all her things—even down to the plates and silverware—and some of my confidence with her.

I felt good—happy despite my nerves. In just one night Noelle threw me and my plans off kilter. The guys were right, she had me by the balls. My only desire now was to get out of my head and enjoy every minute of our limited time together.

I opened my eyes to find her watching me from over the top of the glass. A small smile played at her juicy lips, and her eyes had that look which let me know she knew exactly what she was doing to me.


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Special thanks to Sarah for my cover, Nicole of IndieSage Promotions for hosting the giveaway, and for the authors and bloggers who are participating in the cover reveal!

If you see any posts, please pop on back and share the link with me. I don’t want to miss anyone!!!


Ricochet on Goodreads




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