The Price We Pay

 … For being a little clueless. LOL.

When I first decided to publish RICOCHET, I knew for a fact I would be posting it online for free.

That was my first mistake—thinking I knew anything for a fact.

Because I just learned, literally yesterday, I can’t do that. Not on Amazon, at least.

Honing in on what I hope is the last, or second to last, round of revisions, I wanted to really look into what I needed to do when it came time to uploading.

My Expectation: What I assumed was you could list your book for free, for as long as you wanted, as long as you gave Amazon exclusivity.


My Reality: What I found out was that with KDP Select you can only have up to 5 free days for every 90 days you are enrolled.

Which means *KABOOM* goes my permanent free e-book/novella plan.

I am so sorry for that. Really, you have no idea.

RICOCHET was always meant to be some sort of intro—a sort of sample, I guess, to my future works.

Of course most of us want to make money writing, let’s not be silly here and pretend otherwise.

But after writing online for two years, I know more than anyone how valuable FREE truly is. The value of putting yourself out there—growing a readership first—in a way that helps readers trust you before they even think invest in you.

I can only hope that you invest in me anyway—take a leap with this newbie, unknown word mixologist.

The details might have changed, but the plan is the same: Bringing you words I hope you will enjoy 🙂



P.S. As far as release days goes, I’ll keep you posted. We’re getting closer. But we’re not quite there, yet!


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