Well, hello and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! J

My name is Lore Ree and on January 5, 2012 I posted my very first story online. The past two years have been an interesting (and at times trying) journey. I’ve found myself, questioned myself, doubted myself. But no matter what was going on, putting paper to pen, posting online, and making new friends was always where I felt at home.

The point of my melodramatic proclamation?

Well, I just want to announce that for the year 2014 I’m aiming to add published word mixologist to my resume. (Sorry, but author or novelist just sounds too extreme for the likes of me. Those who know me, understand).

Anyway! I’d like to start off my journey—and also celebrate my ‘anniversary’—by posting a FREE NOVELLA for you to (hopefully) enjoy.

Expected date of publication: January 5, 2014. Two years to the date that I started sharing my words. 🙂

I will be providing more information (Title, blurb, cover etc.) soon!

I’m excited for the things to come. I hope you’re excited as well and willing to follow me on this new journey.

No, I’m not done with FF. I still have some stories to finish. I plan on keeping those promises, not including the one(s) we already knew I had writer’s block for months ago. It might take longer, it might not, but I’m still around and, in a way, will ALWAYS be Lolo84 😉



P.S. Today, in addition to my friends and family—from those I’ve met to those I haven’t yet—I’m thankful for the ability to follow my dreams… What are YOU thankful for??




  1. Taylor November 28, 2013 at 4:28 pm Reply

    Congratulations Lo! Looking forward to reading your published musings!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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